Word problems in the school mathematics course

  • Ainur Abdimubarakkyzy Kudaibergen SDU


Mathematical education is part of the system of continuing education and is of great importance in ensuring the development of human intellectual abilities in modern society. In the secondary education system, teaching mathematics takes a special place in the development of cognitive abilities and logical thinking of students.The main goal of our study is to develop methodological foundations for teaching word problems in the process of teaching mathematics in secondary school and to test its effectiveness experimentally. There are various methods for solving word problems: arithmetic method, algebraic method, geometric method, logical method, practical method, and tabular method. Different mathematical models are created based on each method. In the course of secondary school mathematics, two methods of solving word problems are considered: arithmetic and algebraic. The main purpose of the conducted pedagogical experiment was to test the effectiveness of the method that allows to increase the level of mathematical training of secondary school students, based on the use of the algebraic method in solving word problems of secondary school students. Prospects for research on the development of teaching methods for solving word problems are associated with a deep consideration of professional, creative and personal aspects of students.Keywords:  teaching to solve word problems, word problem, structure of word problem, algebraic method.


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