Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Intellectual Property Rights


Artificial Intelligence which seemed to be a distant dream at some point has now come out of the science fiction movies to our reality and has gathered momentum over past few years and has led to many developments in almost all the sectors. No sector will remain untouched by artificial intelligence and Intellectual Property Rights too will not be an exception to the same. The impact of Artificial Intelligence in the field of Intellectual Property Rights will be two ways, on one hand Artificial Intelligence will prove to be an asset in the areas of patent and patent search tools, accurate and timely research, providing a mechanism to sort out inventions and ideas and provide with a mechanism to the innovator on the patents already existing similar to his idea and many other things but on the other hand the Artificial Intelligence might also prove to be a threat to innovation and creativity which is the heart and soul of Intellectual Property Rights. The research paper will discuss in detail about the impact of Artificial Intelligence on Intellectual Property Rights, the pros and cons of Artificial Intelligence on creativity and innovation in IPR and will also deal with the future scope of Artificial Intelligence in Intellectual Property Rights.


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