Global Trends and Values in Education is an international open-access peer-reviewed journal published annually in December of each year. Authors are encouraged to submit articles and research/discussion papers on topics relevant to the academic, occupational, or otherwise specialized communities specific to this journal. These topics include: educational research, needs analysis, curriculum development, evaluation and assessment, materials development, discourse analysis, teaching and testing techniques, pedagogical approaches to learning and teaching, teacher training and leadership in education. The journal invites papers that investigate the aforementioned areas of education in the following streams:

  • Language Education
  • STEAM Education
  • Educational Research
  • Information Communication Technology (ICT) in Education
  • Holistic Education
  • Leadership in Education
  • Inclusive Education
  • Curriculum and Pedagogy
  • The Legacy of Al-Farabi and Abay in Education and the World Spiritual Space 

This journal also publishes solicited book reviews.

 This journal has adopted a double-blind reviewing policy, so you have to remove all identifying features from the article itself by ensuring that no author's name appears in the main text, in-text citations, reference list, or any running header. Replace all references to the author with, "Author, 2020", "Author et al, 2012", etc.

ISSN: 2788-7367